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"I loved the class, alot of insight. Husband been in the business 30 some years. Never got the info like Todd & Sarah gave today. Thanks."
-- Leanne (3/29/08)

"I enjoyed the decorative concrete staining class alot. Todd has a bunch of experience and knowledge that he passes on, peppered with humorous stories of his days in the trade. Very infomative, would recommend it to anyone who has a creative tendency."
-- Jim M.

"I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative. Thanks for helping me to decorate my home."
-- Carolyn F.

"I love your class. I've learned so much about concrete that I did not know. And to stain concrete is so awesome, the magic that can come out of stain is breath taking."
-- George F.

"Great class! Very informative. Who knew you could do all that cool stuff? We are ready to try it on our own. When is the countertop class?"
-- Teresa S.

"Concrete staining has been very intriguing to me for several years. I was excited when I saw the class was offered. I'm looking forward to decorating my patio."

"This class gave me the opportunity to set into motion our plan for a unique patio. Todd's hands-on approach gave each of us an opportunity to work with the materials we would use for the project. Questions were asked and answered in a non-threatening manner. Great class for anyone wishing to do it themselves."



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